Legion Sneak Peek! Spoilers Inside!

Now that Team Rocket has received their moose mounts and went back and got all the metas completed for the Draenor raid mounts we have had a little downtime. We have been filling that with Team Rocket Alt runs.  We're all starting over with new characters and gearing up again and enjoying our time til Legion. We may not switch but it gives us a "What if...?" taste for next expansion. If you have time Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 PST send a message to Arcade. We'd love to have more to wait out Legion. Or if you have an interest in Challenge Modes we are now getting enough to get some groups going. It's brutal but fun to learn all the little details of the dungeons again.

Now what I am sure you were waiting to read, a few members of Team Rocket were able to get Alpha keys for the next expansion.  We didn't even know we had keys this expac til we were playing with the drop down menu and saw our Alpha option. It was the greatest serendipitous discovery ever. So I have some pictures to show you of some of the new class quests. I've only dipped into 2 so far but I have been trying to take screen shots the whole way to share with you guys.

Before you read any further, I want to make this very clear. These pictures contain spoilers. Big spoilers. If you want to walk into that expac with innocent eyes and be taken back by the wonder of the new class specific amazingness than stop reading now.

I repeat

You have been warned.

Thrall and his lady and their little Mini Thrall Durak! Do you think he will be a shammy like his parents? I tried to see if he had the blue shamany eyes like Thrall but he was to fast for me to get a photo. Thrall is totally the guy that afks at the show off well in his fanciest gear.

I knew Jaina had been a huge hurdle in allowing the Horde to hang out in Dalaran. I don't know the story how these guys got here but the mages appear to be running on a council system. Maybe when I try out the mage quest line I will find out more.

I thought the option to hide the names of minor npcs was interesting. Does it mean adds in fights? Does it mean that I will see Khadgar's name but not the "Dalaran Citizen" next to him? Either way I am interested to see how that feature plays out.

I only knew the 2 in green.  Are they green because they have lines? Or are the others just not that into me?

This guy seemed suspicious to me. His name is "Lan'dalock" Is it because he is looking at a map and seeing what is "Land Locked?"  Or a warlock disguised as a mage to learn their secrets? Either way Lan, I have my eye on you!
A druid in a bathtub.

Doing Priest stuff.  I picked Holy! I want to check out disc as well but shadow scares the crap out of me.

I hope they have a raid and it is just called "Fel-Firelands".
Sorry these are out of order. I had a glitchy quest on my priest and went to go and try a Monk out for a bit. I chose mistweaver. A girl panda told me that Chen and a herd of children were over here in trouble and it was super important to save them. Then she left and I had to go take care of it all by myself. Here is Chen. He is fighting this guy...who is attacking that patch of ground over there. Guys I think we can at least outsmart a few members of the legion. Though I will admit after awhile he noticed me. And  kicked my butt a few times.

The pandas get to move. This story blew me away on what content could be explored.  All these unused spaces. Everyone wants to know "Well what happened in such and such zone  after we moved on. "these storylines have really made me feel as though the world is still evolving in places we have visited. I think they hit some perfect notes with things like opening up the Wandering Isle.

The council of monks is not very diverse. I was hoping when I got to the base I might see a monk or two of the Tauren, Orc or Blood Elf variety. I didn't quite finish the quest line though. Maybe there would be some when I got back to the base.
Monks get to revisit Terrace. I got to go in and save my group. If their health drops they stop fighting. It was such a interesting mechanic. Then you can tell them "Hey you're not that useful so concentrate on staying alive." or "Hey you're so good, I've got you just pew pew." It was such a great scenario.

I am still bad though and couldn't get this guy down. It was shameful but I tried to bow out gracefully and try something else. I enjoy monk but I'd be lying if I said I was great on it. Especially after the button switches. My bars greatly reduced everywhere. Noticably buffs are missing. I don't know if that is permanent but it felt weird not to buff every time I sadly wiped. Which was more times than I would like to admit.

Sylvanas appears to have a new outfit. It looks redder to me but she may already be wearing this in game now.

This one is because I needed a new desktop back ground. Off center leaves room for my icons.

Back on the priest! I started that one over because I thought I missed a quest. I'll try not to do photo repeats. Anyone recognize this one? Calia was in the Arthas book but may have never made it into a game that I know of. She is his sister. I think it would have been way cooler if she had been part of the undead. I pretty much think all the human characters would be better as undead. Looking at you Anduin!

As I said I picked Holy. A no brainer. There are some undead priest gaurds who wander around here who I didn't photo. They have the transmog I wore for a lot of expac down to the weapin. Thats so sweet of blizz to notice what a fashion icon Vondria was in Draneor.

The Alliance side sculpture has a magician! I hope some of these npcs make it as bosses in Legion. I love when characters are just everywhere.

Off to get my weapon!

Only you can prevent Fel-Forest fires.

Cinematic after I ressed someone. It seems that most will lose "Mass Res" in Legion. My priest had it, and my monk had it but the monks was renamed. Arcade said none of the tanks he has tried have had it. Well, well, well look who is climbing back up the soul stone list eh?

I died here a lot. I don't know if I am really bad, just used to my higher gear level or if these maybe need to be dialed down a bit. It is probably the first one but I will pretend it is the last one.

Yay! I'm the greatest!

I don't know how Vindicator ended up in my group twice. I wonder if maybe there is an additional guy I was supposed to get? It was like the monk quest and I got to keep them alive but not boss them around about how hard to try. I died so many many times and didn't clue in to use travelers tundra and repair my gear. The run back was long so I ended up healing them to "active" dying, healing in spirit form and running back watching them slowly die again and having to dash in use some big spells before I died again and ran back again.  It was nice the fight didn't stop. In the monk encounter if they got to low the fight restarted and I pout quit. They were both hard but this one allowed me to complete it 3 teeny percent at a time. I know the game is still being fine tuned though and I am just so grateful to get to have a sneak peek that I'll wipe for days to see it! If you haven't pre-ordered yet you absolutely should.

The priest council.  A little more diverse than the monks. Moira is <3. I wish I knew more alli lore she and her Stockholm syndrome fascinate me.

Oh Draenei. This is why you drive me nuts. One, you are responsible for all the wars in this world. Thanks for involving us! Two, why are all your battle strategy plans "We don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than the other guy." it's the Shane (The Walking Dead) guide to battling. Quit leaving a few behind. It is not nice.

Other cow priests!

The priest club house has a room for shadow and a room for light. I only got a shot of the shadow one because it was so pretty.

Getting ready to join into this rock concert of a priest ceremony.

This quest told me to go stand in the main circle and held them purge this void. The quest is still a work in progress so I had to try a few places. I got some cool shots anyway.

Maybe this is the main circle?

I eventually logged because it wasn't working as I did it said "Complete!" Yay for  squeaking by the requirements!

Welcome to the in game lore Calia. She still would have been better undead. Maybe she is a love interest for Anduin? He did recently become a man and everything.

Hmm. That is an interesting bit of information.  Even if something happened to our current one would this have been the next best choice? Should make for an interesting turn of events.

Another thing added in this expansion were these talking heads. They move and are audible. A great addition to make sure you don't miss anything important.

I hope they just keep this loading screen. I love it.

Sylvanas welcomes you to Legion.

Remember I warned you. 
I hope a few of you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share with other wow friends. I'm going to try to get in there and try out many classes and specs and get some more pictures up. Legion looks amazing and even in my one day of trying it out I have seen a lot of interesting story lines and interface changes.  I can't wait to see more. 

I also hope that all of you message Arcade and come hang out at raid tonight! See ya! As an aside this was our 100th post here on our Team Rocket blog. We've had a lot of adventures I'm so glad I have such a great guild to share it with.

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