Heroic Archimonde Down!

We ventured through the Dark Portal to an alternate universe from our past with a not always 100% clear connection to our own. We chased down the corrupt Garrosh Hellscream and watched Thrall kill steal him from us after we softened him for months in the siege of Orgrimmar.

Once we solved our little Hellscream problem we found Ner'Zhuls apprentice back to his old tricks. This time enlisting the help of Draenor Ogres. We made quick work of them in Highmaul. Though we clearly did not run Brack quite enough times.

After that we went after the famous brute Blackhand. Now running a foundry and using our modern technologies to supply a new Iron Horde with weapons to take us down. After many days spent dashing around destroying siege engines and falling through floors that could not possibly have passed quality control we defeated him and set our eyes to the unexplored territory on Tanaan Jungle.

We charged through many misguided orcs and creatures of the lands of Draenor and ended up where we started. Standing before the gates of the Dark Portal to see an old friend(Alternate universe version) Archimonde, With a shiny new set of gear he towered over us. Sending out his minions to try to destroy us. In the end Team Rocket prevailed and took him down. In his last moments he sent Gul'dan back through the portal but that is a loose end we will have to tie up another day.

 A big thank you for everyone who saw out these raids til the end. We had so many great progression nights this expansion. Team Rocket will now be going through the raids and completing the Meta-Achievements so we can scoop up a few extra mounts. Raid will go down to 2 flasks for the remainder of the expansion and will soon open up to alts and class switching. This is a good time to test things out and decide what you would like to main in the next expansion pack. Give those new artifact weapons a good look and see what calls to you.

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