Pre Legion Rank Reset

Some of you may have noticed over the last few days that your rank has been changed to "Trainer". Don't worry this doesn't mean we like you any less. This is the rank we use for leveling in Team Rocket and with Legion coming out we will all be back to leveling. Once you hit 110 we'll put your character back into the max level ranks so you can get your repairs and bank access. The raider rank will open up when we go into our first Legion raid night.

Some players will be marked as "Professor" They're set this way so they can send out invites. If you have a friend who wants in be sure to ask one of these people and they can give your buddies the Team Rocket guild tag. Remember if you are inviting someone to put a note so we know who they are.

Also, don't forget that Team Rocket is recruiting DPS for the upcoming raid tier. If you are hoping to join the raid team please talk to our raid leader Arcade.  We had a very solid group through Draenor and we're hoping to get back some familiar faces and find some new good players as well.

Keep in mind we have a very large group. Be sure to take advantage of that. Everyone wants to get to 110 and it's better with friends!

Once professions open up and as more things become available please let Von know what specialties you have picked out so we can be sure to try to spread out recipes and make sure when we start raid we have enough potions, flasks, enchants and food to go around.

Be sure to take this time to enjoy the pre-patch and learn all your new spells. Off Season raid nights go for only 2 flasks and are a great chance to try out your new abilities pre Legion. Invites go out at 8:50 PST. A post regarding raiding in Legion and what to expect will follow shortly.

Happy Leveling!

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