Rocketing into the New Year!

Team Rocket had our annual winter party and it was a great time!

We started with Opening ceremonies. This one is called "The Dueling of the Tanks."

It sort of took awhile. A tank duel tanks place all in auto swing. They are tanks after all.

 After we mastered the dreaded culling of the dwarves we made our way deeper into Uldaur. 

Riding the train!

The view from Yogg's room. 

We got the mount to drop! Grats to Kraft for grabbing Mim's head! We have to go back to get mine next time! And be sure to get Fen his legendary mace!

We were able to give out 2 crafted jeweled panthers! A Jade and a Sapphire and 2 grons! Mounts Everywhere! 

 In front of the fountain! Team Rocket had a few photo crashers. I love how busy Dal gets!

 After many failed attempts to find the boat we managed to make our way into the Elven capital. Malfurian watched as we clobbered Tyrande. Illidan never would have let that happen.

On the start of our journey we started to receive some alliance visitors. We also found a juke box song here! Go grab it! I love how this shot came out. The lighting is so pretty!

Making out daring escape!

Fancy new mount! 

Our sailing trip across the sea!

Just a peaceful stroll through a space goat space ship.

Funnily enough the prophet had no idea we were coming. This is right before we had to go exact revenge on a mage for cornering our Shaman in the catacombs known as the Exodar.  

Summoning and going in as a team! Team Rocket Ohana! I loved seeing all the little dots working together to try to make sure we all went in together. There were real heroic moves done and we all made it to the top of the mountain over looking Stormwind.

 Getting ready to fly into the courtyard garden. Arcade made us not bring anything to flashy. Bonus points if it was a faction neutral mount.

Arcade called for the drop into the courtyard and we attacked! 

Once Greymane hit the ground we were able to down Varian Wrynn. By now the Alliance had taken even more of an interest in our world tour.

Off to the Dwarven District.

Summoning pugs brought out the dark grouchy hearts of the Team Rocket summoning committee. 

We're under the lake! As gorgeous Hordies we almost never get to ride the tram! Whee!

The team makes its way to Ironforge.

The Alliance came for us full force as we descended upon the Council of the Three Hammers. 

Arcade leaps back into the battle!

The Council of Team Rocket!

In the end though the Alliance tried to pour in and defeat the mighty warriors of Team Rocket it was to late. We had already conquered and portaled away to safety, only leaving behind Alliance shame and our battle standards!

It was a great party everyone. Just what we needed to kick off a great new year of gaming. We have Legion coming up and a new movie this year! And We're balancing on the very edge of our Heroic Archimonde kill now that we are back from our half weeks of Winter. Thank you all for coming! 

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