Why did my rank change?

Some of you may have noticed over the last few days that your rank has been changed to "Trainer". Don't worry this doesn't mean we like you any less. This is the rank we use for leveling in Team Rocket and with Warlords coming out we will all be back to leveling. Once you hit 100 we'll put your character back into the max level ranks so you can get your repairs and bank access.

Some players are going to continue to be ranked as "Professor" They're set this way so they can send out invites. If you have a friend who wants in be sure to ask one of these people and they can give your buddies the Team Rocket guild tag.

Also, don't forget that Team Rocket is recruiting. If you are hoping to join the raid team please talk to our raid leader Arcade. We had a really great group all through Mists of Pandaria and we're hoping to get back some familiar faces and find some new good players as well.

Happy Leveling!

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