Undead Pet Battles

It's our last Pet Battle of the expansion and Team Rocket ventured deep into the Karazhan crypts. The rumour is this was an unfinished dungeon deemed "To scary" to release. Team Rocket was up for the challenge though.
This was our largest pet battle group ever and we managed to handle our giant group and swim through the chilly waters filled with the bodies of the poor souls who weren't up for the horrors of the crypt.

In the end it was Arcade who landed the prize of 2500 gold and Foff, a newcomer to TR's pet battles who managed to steal second with his pet skills and take home 1000 gold. 
We had a really good time and it was great that everyone came out to see this hidden chamber hiding beneath Kara. It's just 22 days until the new expansion drops. Until then we'll be finishing up some Panda land raid achievs. Don't forget to pay the headless horseman a visit during Hallows End!

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