Fall for Fall

A brisk Autumn wind rushed over the plains of Nagrand. Mr. E the level 64 rogue was killing Twisters to complete his quest for a bossy Orc when suddenly in the sky what was that? Is it a bird? A plane? No! It's a tauren raining out of the sky. Followed by an orc, then a blood elf, until the ground was littered with the bodies of Hordies.  Mr.E pondered for a moment on if he should sound the call and help these poor Hordies. Then he smiled to himself as he stealthed away.

The real story behind this odd September show was really that it was Team Rocket's Fall for Fall! That special time of year where we go out and pretend to be leaves gracefully floating to our demise.

This year the Grand Prize went to Kis! She won a pink hawkstrider mount for her collection!
Followed by Arcade, Brettos and Rebel! Each of them took home a 28 slot bag to help them in the new expansion.

It's been a great year Team Rocket. Be sure to come to our undead pet battle in October. And we hope to see you at raid to get those last mount achieves!

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