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Hey guys it has been awhile since I have posted. Mostly because going through the pictures takes me FOREVER.  I had over 1400 to go through this time. So expect several catch up posts in the next few weeks. 

These are just ones of Team Rocket doing Team Rocket things. A few may be repeats but if they weren't I wanted to make sure everyone got a peek.

From when we got our meta and snagged the boar for the entire guild. We are adorable.

Preparing for the Valentines mog. I have all of those photos but I am saving them to do all at once.

 That time when lunch was on Fen.

 And the time we were bunnies.

 Draenor Challenge mode!

For awhile there were massive groups to get the turtle mounts fished up. And I stuck around to get more coins to buy guild pets. It was a crazy exploit and a lot of fun.

 Arcade off to battle the Legion!

 Paying respect to our fallen warchief. Cheated of his time. I hope we see his spirit again!

 Fen hopping around grabbing toys. this may be a repeat, but it was pretty cool so I'm ok with saying it twice.

 Date in the Alliance club house.

 I don't have this toy so I am always jealous when everyone does this.

 Look at all those little void minions hiding down here in the Emerald Dream.

 I just thought this was an interesting shot that showed the shape of the room more clearly than can usually be seen.

 New Years with our guildies!

The greatest loot is friendship. Unless you can get a legendary to drop.

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