Fall for Fall 2015!

It's that time of year again! Team Rocket put on our third annual Fall for Fall where we go fall ever so gently to our deaths, grab some prizes and just get to spend time together! We got lots of great photos this year. We really appriciate everyone who donated throughout the year. It's because of you that we are able to run events like this! We were able to give out over 20 bags,  10 pets and 3 mounts! Congratulations to our big winner Spaced who managed to fall EXACTLY on top of the crystal that was our marker!

Here we are in Dalaran! I can't wait til we have a main city hub again. I've missed seeing everyone outside of raid. Very excited that we'll all be headed back to Dal in the next expansion pack!

Here we are all getting ready to take the big plunge! Everyone looks so great! It's always wonderful to see everyones great outfits and mounts!
The sky is so pretty here. I'm glad we decided to switch it up and try a new place this year!
Kis preparing to make her jump!

 Here was our jumping point. We sent out a slowfall and you had to click it off when you were directly over the platform!

Spaced managed to land EXACTLY on the crystal! It was amazing! Grats on your mount sir!

Fen on top of the crystal as Arcade handed out prizes!

I tried to keep up for pictures! Here we are at the creepy spider boss in Nax! 

 Arcade took us on a swimming tour of Nax! I was bummed I didn't get a better picture of our Orca druid but I was also pretty happy to see some totems dropped into the slime!


We somehow managed to bug out this fight! But it was a pretty interesting bug so I'm still pretty ok with us getting to check it out!

This fight always reminds me of those weekly raid quests from Wrath! We even have a few members who remember raiding it as a 40 man.

Still working on not standing in things! Good try guys!

The sewer pipe boss always takes a victim!

When we got here many people questioned why this wasn't a mount yet. Get on it Blizz!

Mid-fight break while we wait for the boss to engage.

The team! Preparing for trouble of course!

While waiting ages for the boss to notice us killing all his friends we had a bit of a drink! Yay for Brewfest!

We finished up the night in a Dragon Soul run. No mounts but surely next time they HAVE to drop right?

Thank you all again for coming and being a part of  Team Rockets Fall for Fall. It's crazy how long we've all been gaming together. Thanks for making all this time we spend together special.  See you all soon!

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