All over Azeroth

Hi guys I know I am not always the greatest at keeping up with posting. So I have all these pictures of things the guild has done that I have not got up. So I just decided to smoosh them all into a guild photo album.

Outside Iron Forge

Black Rock Foundry 

Magic Pet Battles in Coldarra. Grats Nog on your win!

Somehow the Plushie Elek did not win the battle, but still did shockingly well.

Undead Pet Battles. We had such a big turn out that we had to split the heats up.

Everyone is in costume.

So I have no idea who anyone in this photo is. 

I had a blast at these. It's always fun when we get to go out and explore.

I think we're being watched.

This one just gives me the warm fuzzies. I'm so glad you were all there.

Expansion day!

I am pretty sure this was a misclick. I'm not even helping.

Early expansion dungeons.

End of the year run of Ice Crown Citadel! 

 This one was the weirdest thing I ever saw in the World of Warcraft. We had an accidental pull of Yogg. I and a few others were sucked into the room and died. The rest of the group was outside the room and being hit by adds. Then they started to shrink and shrink and shrink under they were just name plates over specs on the ground. I saw it on Arcades screen but mine just looked like this. Notice that this is the first time I have ever been top dps. And that it lists our warrior Uga as a shaman. This was crazy. I would really be interested to find out if anyone has any screen shots of our tiny raid team.

Blasting off again!

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