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The Legion is here! With the new expansion brings new content and loot, but for Team Rocket it also brought a lot of new raiders. To make sure everyone understands exactly how we do things around here, I have constructed an outline so everyone is on the same page. Though I cannot predict everything that's going to come up I do believe this about covers it!

This  post mostly pertains to Progression Raiding, but a lot of the content is good to keep in mind always.

Raid Times Tuesday & Thursday 10:50 server time (8:50 PST  11:50 EST) We run for 3 flasks and stop at hour 4 regardless of flask time. We are a late night guild and many of our raiders stay up very late to be with us. Please be respectful of everyone's time and arrive when raid starts. We need to make the most of our limit time.

Attendance for Legion Raiding:

  • If you came on Tuesday you have a spot Thursday! Come help us kill things!
  • If you did not come on Tuesday there is no guarantee a spot will be made for you on Thursday.
  • If you are going to miss a day or need to be late just please let an officer know. While everything is now in flex mode we are counting on a certain make up and if we don't have it it can really ruin a raid night. Please be sure to make sure Arcade knows so we can make sure each role is accounted for. 
  • If you miss 2 weeks without us hearing from you we will assume you are on break and remove you from invites but it's much easier to just let Arcade know whats up! People get burned out and it's ok to take a break!
  • Fill out your calendar invites. Or Von will ask you about it, repeatedly.

Loot :

Loot has changed, ONCE AGAIN.
  • It can be set to personal, which works like LFR or flex raids where you would have a chance to get a piece of gear each week on each boss.The benefit of this is that there is a chance for everyone to get their own pieces so the entire team gears up faster. But there are rumors that the drop rate is very low this go around. UPDATE: You can trade duplicate items that you get, but it has to be exactly the same. And Tier can only be traded (If duplicate exactly) with your same class. It's very tricky and we are still unsure of personal.
  • It can also be set to run it the standard way where each boss drops a certain number of pieces and the raid rolls on them. The benefit of this is that you can take that piece and give it to whoever needs it instead of having to vendor a great set of shoulders because you couldn't pass it along.
  • Team Rocket will be running personal loot until we see if it sucks or not. If it sucks, we will adopt our standard: Team Rocket "Don't be a dick" looting system where we just try to be considerate and spread the gear as much as possible. 
  • With our system everyone should know what pieces they are after from each boss and should know when they have received everything beneficial to them on a certain boss. Be sure to keep updated on your gear lists.

Other things to keep in mind;

Team Rocket is not a hardcore raid group. We are a casual group who happens to be awesome at downing bosses. When we wipe the important thing is that we get back in there and try again and do a little better each time. No yelling, no drama, no bullshit. Plan on clearing Heroic Content. We are very much a Teddy Bear guild, ego isn't regarded highly. Paladins seem to be exceptions to this rule.

If you think there is an issue to address or a way to make the fight easier whisper Arcade so we can make sure we have a unified plan going into a fight. If you don't feel comfortable whispering Arcade you do have some other options during raid. If you have a question about the healing, go to Fenrir. He's our healing lead and will care a lot more about healing stuff than me. Chif and Kis are also good options regarding dps.

Switching Classes
As always, I want people to play what makes them happy. Though, having members switch in the middle of a Raid Tier can really shake the group up. Making the choice to change your class at the end of a Raid Tier can help minimize the impact. If you do we're going to expect a smooth transition from one Class to the other.

Some of the things you can do to be prepared for raid;
  • Read your Dungeon Journal. It's there, you might as well.
  • Have your add-ons ready. Everyone should have recount and be aware of what they need to work on because we should always be improving.We DO NOT post recount in raid. 
  • Have Vent! Team Rocket uses vent for all of our raids. You should be in the raid channel and at least be able to listen in. This expansion we are asking that everyone use the name of the toon they are using. With our larger group  we want to make sure that everyone knows who is who.
  • Don't talk after pull unless you have been given a call out assignment and it pertains to the fight. During trash and between pulls we are a chatty group and we like it that way!
  • If you need gems or enchants or specific potions please let an officer know so we can work on getting those to you 24 hours before raid. Raid days can be very busy so we need you ready beforehand. 
  • PVE Related Quest Lines: Staying caught up with your gear is important as we start to go through the content. Luckily, Blizzard has given us certain items that can be upgraded and grow in power through quests. Such as Artifact Weapons and past Legendary Items. Be sure that you stay relevant with these. If you think you're falling behind, talk to an officer and we'll make sure you stay on-track!

    As always Team Rocket provides feasts, flasks, potions, gems and enchants. The reason we are able to do this is because we have a great group who contribute to our raid mats. We appreciate everyone taking the time to help keep this system working. As always we will be running Team Rocket's Call to Arms events with prizes. All donations go to raid materials and everything extra is auctioned for guild repairs. So thank you all for all that you do. This is all possible because you are a part of our team.

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