Fall for Fall

Hey friends!

Your friendly (LOLOK) neighborhood DK, Kis, here to show off some screenshots of our "Fall for Fall" event! We all took the plunge and leaped to our deaths off an island in Nagrand for a shot at the Swift Lovebird mount the officers had stashed away until now.

While many were close, our winner was Moejo!

Awesome time, you guys! We'll see you for our next fun event which happens to be a pet tournament on October 16th with the theme of 'critters!'



  1. Ahh your pictures are so bright and happy! I might need to change my screen settings nothing ever looks so bright and pretty when I play!

  2. Also we can't even lie and say I was close. I can't believe I didn't slow fall myself. I even practiced before you guys showed up!

  3. We'll have to do this again sometime! Spring for Spring anyone?