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Team Rocket Raid Team

Hey guys we have been getting a lot of questions about our raids so we wanted to put up a guide so we would be sure everyone was on the same page. This might be a long one so I don't blame you if you just roughly skim it, but you shouldn't because this is where all the information is hiding!


When you get your invite please fill it out at least 24 hours in advance. 24 hours before we will start looking for people to fill in missing slots and if you haven't filled out the calendar we will assume you do not want to come this week. If you have something to do that week it's ok to mark decline. A decline is better than not saying anything at all. If after a few weeks you haven't said anything we will assume you are  busy with other things and we will take you off the invites until we hear from you again.
If you do not show on Tuesday you will be on stand by for Thursday. We like to let everyone who started on Tuesday to be allowed to finish out their week.

If more than 10 do sign up Arcade will go to the highest geared player and ask if they want the week off. Which we all do every once in awhile. If its you, you then have the choice to go do other things or to come and help gear up your lesser geared team mates. If you choose to come he will then go to the next person.  We will never ask someone to sit 2 weeks in a row.  So even if the group looks full on that particular night sign up. If you are on the invites we want you there. It's up to you to fill them out.

If you want to get on the invites and are not on them. Talk to Arcade and see if there are any spaces available. There is limited raid space and even if there is not a spot available now, there may be in the future. Keep running your lfrs and try to get into Team Rocket achievement runs.

Before Raid

  • Be sure you have taken care of the following items before raid time
  • Gems-The guild will provide these. Let us know so we can make sure you get what you need.
  • Enchants-Same as above.
  • Potions-Same!
  • Extra roll tokens-Turn them in! You probably hearth there anyway!
  • Vent-Every raider needs it!

Beyond that please just be on time. Invites go out at 9:50. This allows you a grace period while summons go out. If you are over 10 minutes late without having discussed it with the raid leader we will bring someone else in for the week. It takes a lot of work to get 10 people together so we have to start on time.

During Raid

Team Rocket raids last 3 flasks. We pop the first flask when we start the first boss of the night. So account for between flask trash time when you plan your night.

  •  Buffs!-Flasks, feasts and potions are provided so there is no reason not to have these. Remember to bring your own buffs to the raiding party we want everyone to do their best so every buff helps. 
  • Communication- Its a big part of raiding. Whether it's the tanks swapping taunts, the dps announcing interrupts or a healer popping a mana cd these communications keep the group running smoothly. Because of this we ask that after the boss pull everyone focus the raid chat and vent chat on the fight and fight mechanics. We are a chatty group and we like it that way. Also be sure to ask questions about the fight before and between pulls so we can work out our strategies and find what works for our group.
  • The Team- We are not a hardcore guild. We just aren't. We are a group that was formed o be more laid back. We understand this doesn't work for everyone and so this raid group may not be for everyone. If you see a player struggling with a mechanic feel free to share pointers with the group but please don't be disrespectful to that player. We are all here to try our best, see some cool fights and if we are lucky get a shiny piece of gear and hang out with a good group of people. If there is something you want specifically addressed let the raid leader know in a whisper so they can decide how to handle it. 
  • Disconnects- Everyone has a bad internet night. The general rule here is that if it starts effecting your performances on bosses we will bring in someone else for the night. You will still have your place in the continuation night if this happened on the first night of raiding.

Loot Rules

Team Rocket has only one rule for raid loot and that is
Don't be a Dick.
It's more fun if lots of people get loot in one night. We realize there will be times when you get lucky and end up with a small pile of treasure but if you have gotten a piece that night be sure to check around for other players. Things to keep in mind

  • Upgrades before sidegrades. Because raid groups always evolve not all players have the same level of gear. The more we close the gap between our higher geared and lower geared players the stronger the team is and the easier it is to get back to these pieces on future nights.
  • Others main spec is more important than your off spec. This is basically the same reason as before. I know we have a few players who swap pretty regularly. For those purposes your main spec is whatever one you came into the raid as that night.
  • Its ok to pass. Whenever we get everyone to pass on a piece of gear we disenchant it and use it to make crafted gear which is then passed back out to our raiders. When one person in the group gets gear it helps everyone.

A good general rule of thumb is to NEED for your  main and just GREED for off specs and side grades.
If looting ever becomes an issue Team Rocket will go to a Suicide Kings loot system.

In Suicide Kings. There will be a roll that will determines everyone's place in the rotation. 1-10. When a pieces of gear drops person 1 is asked if they want it. If they don't the 2nd person is asked and on down the line. If you say yes you do want the gear you are dropped to the bottom of the list.  With this system everyone gets a chance to be at the top of the list eventually to get gear.  New players to our raiding team will be added to the master list at the bottom.  This may mean you pass on a great chest piece in hopes that a great trinket will drop and you can be first of your role to get a crack at it but it gives everyone the choice, but until then,
 Don't be a Dick!

That's all guys. I am sure all of you scrolled right to the bottom and so you missed the paragraph about the robot dragons that give you 50,000 gold if you /dance with them before they shoot off their beams of destruction but that's the price you pay for skimming past this super long post.  Hope to see you all at raid!

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