Pet Battle Tournament-Dragon Edition!

Hey Team Rocket! We just had our Dragon Pet Battle Tournament and it got pretty heated out there! Everyone that showed up mounted on their favorite dragon for a picture.I think it's pretty fantastic  that every single person picked a different dragon! How many of them  can you name? How many do you have? It really made me want to go mount farming.

After that we divided out our teams we found out a great new feature. Blizzard lets you watch! You can't see health numbers but you can watch the moves and see them faint. We had a lot of really interesting pet combos and it was really fun watching them in the middle of the collapsing dragons battling outside Wyrmrest Accord.

                                                   The teams were matched up like this!

Vondrid-infinite whelp-living sandling-snarley
Arcade-infinite whelp-fossilized hatchling-nordrassil wisp
Vashet-celestial dragon-sporling sprout-restless shadling
kisinaa-pandaran monk-panther cub- dark whelpling
Moejo-netherfaerie drake-scourged whelpling-pandaran monk
Msnike-sprite darter hatchling-Mini thor-thundertail flipper

In the end Vash took first and received 2500 gold prize for his amazing pet training and Msnike came in second and won 1000 gold!

Here they are being honored with a picture with the Dragon Queen herself Alexstraza!

 The next match is scheduled for 24th.  This will be a free choice Pet tournament. Our next themed pet battle will be Undead and the date will be announced sometime after our free choice battle. Happy Leveling everyone!

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