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Hey Team Rocket! This was an exciting week in the Call to Arms with cooking materials. Veggies were double points and we had one of the most heated competitions I have seen yet. Moejo and Vashet were neck and neck all week. Moejo possibly threatened my toons safety to try to get an accurate count and I hear we had 2 Team Rocket members out int he world fishing, all while shooting dangerous glares back and forth. I really wasn't sure who would win til an hour before raid! In the end Moejo pulled forward with sheer quantity of fish.  For all his help he received a Moejo of his own. Then surprised us all by passing on his win and giving his fishing buddy a dark moon faire monkey! It was a very cool Team Rocket moment and I won't lie 2 great pets! I have them both leveling right now!

Here are the two friends and their new pets! Thanks again everyone. The help we get in these call to arms goes back into the guild for repairs and I love getting to see all the creative pictures we can think of! This week is enchanting mats in TR so look around for that DE button and thank you all so much!

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  1. Moejo was a class act all the way around! The competition was quite a bit of fun.

    The DMF Monkey is awesome :)