Some inquiries have been brought up about potions. We do not have a potion speced alchemist at the moment but we can still, and should be using pots when we raid. First thing you need to know is what potion you need. Go check out IcyVeins which is fully up for 5.3 to read up on guides for your class.

Go find your class, the Website makes it easy
Scroll to the bottom to find the consumable guide
Here they will tell you which potions you will want for your play style. Blood DKs have an option of two potions. Like many things in WoW potions can be situational, in a fight where there is more magic damage I need a health potion, but in a physical damage I need an armor potion. Know which potion will benefit you the most and let an officer know you'd like them to be stocked in the gbank.

Prepotting: Potion cooldowns begin to tick down only out of combat. If you use a potion during a raid encounter you will have to wait until the encounter is over until your potion's cooldown will begin ticking. Because of this unique cooldown players can use a potion quickly; before the boss is pulled inorder to start their potion cooldown, making a secondary potion available later on in the fight. Though potions don't last for long, if everyone in the raid is using them it will improve our progress.

Thanks for taking time to go over this, if you have any questions leave a comment or whisper Arcade ingame.

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