Second Pokémon Tournament

Thanks to everyone who attended our second Pokémon Tournament. We had some great battles tonight. Our final two were once again, Chamelianne and Sweetsoft, with Cham taking home the championship! Great job everyone!

Pet Teams Used:

Vondrid: Snarly, Wind Rider Cub, Azure Whelpling
Arcade: Nordrassil Wisp, Mongoose Pup, Infinite Whelpling
Xhape: Emperor Crab, Sprite Darter, Willy
Mudkipp: Muckbreath, Pandaren Monk, Lil' Tarecgosa
Chamelianne: Gilnean Raven, Toxic Wasteling, Magical Crawdad
Sweetsoft: Swamp Croaker, Anondized Robo Cub, Pandaren Monk
Moejo: Mei Li Sparkler, Spiny Terrapin, Nether Faerie Dragon
Ultharwe: Chuck, Baneling, Lil' Thor

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