Pokémon Championship

Team Rocket's FIRST EVER Pokémon tournament!

1. You bring 3 level 25 pets to battle for the championship! On this day's tournament you may ONLY use these. No switching between rounds.

2. You may heal up between rounds.

3. If you lose you stay until the end of the tournament to cheer on the other contestants. It should be fairly short depending on how heated the matches get! And TR likes their social time!

4. Non Team Rocket members may enter but must pay a fee of 100 gold to enter.

1st Prize: 2500 gold
2nd Prize: 1000 gold

We plan to hold these every 2 weeks. The first match of every month will be held at the Pleasure Palace in Azshara. The second match of the month will feature a theme. Aquatic, Elemental, Dragon, Magic, Beast, Critter, Mechanical, Flying, Humanoid, Undead. These battles will be held on location. You must bring ONE pet that matches the theme that day.

April's theme for the second Tourney will be AQUATIC so get leveling PokéTrainers!

The days for April's Matches are:

 Monday April 1st  9pm ST - Regular Tourney
 Monday April 15th 9pm ST - Aquatic Tourney
 Monday April  29th 9pm ST - Regular Tourney

The days for May's Matches are:

 Monday May13th 9pm ST - Dragonkin Tourney

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  1. I'm super excited! Even though I only have 1 25 so far :D

  2. If you are having trouble leveling your pokemon Its best to take them through the dailies. You can pick up the quests by the flight master in Org but he doesn't mention all the trainers!
    So you might miss some
    Heres a rough list
    Durotar-level 2
    Northern Barrens-Level 3
    Ashenvale-Level 5
    Stone Talon Mountains-Level 7
    Desolace-Level 9
    Southern Barrens-Level 11
    Feralas-Level 13
    Dustwallow-Level 14
    Thousand Needles-Level 15
    Felwood-Level 16
    Moonglade-Level 17
    Winterspring-Level 19