Getting Raid Ready

This is a friendly post to guide you towards gear fixing, glyph swapping, upgrade systems, and more! Actually no, just those three things. Please feel free to peruse these links and boost your character in whatever way you can!

First up: Reforging!

Step by step instructions! Visit AskMrRobot on your browser of choice. Click on optimize your character underneath the World of Warcraft banner.

Next, choose from the drop down menus: USA, then Icecrown, and then your character's name!

Now, if you've just recently gotten an upgrade or swapped gear sets, click on (1) Update From Armory. Make sure that you are targeting PVE: Default Build for part (2). And then click on Optimize located very near (3). It will give you a list of optimizations to make, for example: Jette needs to enchant her main hand with Jade Spirit and reforge 92 crit into hit! 

Second on the list: Class Guides!

Now this is definitely lengthy, so I will just redirect you to Icy Veins where you can easily select from a list your class, and then beneath that your spec! This is extremely helpful to visit as it can give you tips on rotation, glyphs, builds, stat priorities, and even helpful macros!

Third and final: Upgrading Gear!

This is something that I understand will be broken or unavailable for awhile after 5.2 hits, so get your stuff upgraded before then! Again, just going to send you over to AskMrRobot again, this time for valor exchange to upgraded item prowess.

This is all I can think of guys, please pitch in on the comments if you have a site that you think we should be going to as well!

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  1. I played with it a bit tonight. I was excited to see some of mine were lower versions of the bis. So I am at least going in the right direction. I feel weird putting enchants on blues but I guess thats why I sometimes feel like I'm struggling. Good post. Gets me off my ass when its easily reached liek this. Thank you! Ahh I didn't sleep at all.